Glen Bosarge

Irma devolved my resume and cover letter and far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her. She is a one stop shop for your resume, and advancing your career. If you have further questions about her work please feel free to ask.

Larry Braga

Irma provided an excellent product as a resume writing expert. Her work was outstanding and I have had numerous employers during interviews ask me where I had the resume completed because it was very impressive. Irma worked with me to get my resume completed to my satisfaction and I am very pleased with the end product. I would recommend her to anyone needing the service. Very pleased!


Irma provides valuable insight to how others see your resume. As she mentions on her website…if you are not willing to invest in yourself then….expect to be disappointed with you opportunities. “As Peter says INVEST in YOURSELF ..Irma

Jennifer Dotson

After months of searching for work with no results, I finally decided to use a professional service. I was so pleased with the documents that Irma prepared. She demonstrated my background and my skills so much better than I could ever do myself. The company I was targeting and had an interview said, they had over 100 applicants and my resume stood out among all of them. Thanks to Irma I got the job!!

Brian Bules

I utilized Irma’s services to develop a resume that focused on a job market outside of the Defense Industry. Irma is an outstanding resume writer who will not only work with you and ensure that she delivers a quality product, but stands behind her work even after delivered. I highly recommend Irma to any and all seeking these types of services and I will be utilizing her services again in the future.

Darryl Hutchison

I came across Irma’s services by chance when searching for resume writers on LinkedIn. I requested for Irma to get in touch with me as I required her skills and expertise in updating my CV. Despite us living on opposite ends of the world, she always made the time to be available to me throughout the process. Now that my CV is complete, I feel a lot more confident when approaching potential employers as well as head-hunters. Without having met me prior to this, Irma was able to encapsulate everything that I have done in my career and highlighted all my achievements which I had forgotten about. I have shown some colleagues and friends of mine my “professionally written CV” and they were all really impressed. If you are reading Irma’s recommendations, read no further, go ahead and pay for her services, you won’t be disappointed!!