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Choosing a resume writer is a very important and personal choice. You want to be sure that you will be heard and understood but, most importantly, you want documents that will get you attention from prospective employers. You don’t just want interviews, you want the RIGHT interviews. I am passionate about getting it right for my clients.

In the section immediately below you can read what has been posted on LinkedIn. Too often web sites are littered with false feedback. These clients took the trouble to say how they felt and what their experience was and their comments can be verified. In this section you will also find comments from happy resume clients that did not come to me via LinkedIn. Please,  check me out on at (you need a link here).

Awards and publications are great, but successful clients are the ultimate indicator of what you too can expect when you work with me.


NIGEC- Chevron Vessel Manager

I am very pleased to recommend Irma Rojas. She composed a resume for me that was outstanding. I found Irma to be a top notch professional who is very skilled and articulate. I would definitely work with Irma again in the future.


Louis Kraml



When I retired early to “live the good life”, I found out that I couldn’t stand it and neither could my wife. So, I’m going back to work.

Haven’t had to develop a resume in over 20 years. So, Google “resume writer” and there were a million!?! So, why did I choose Irma?

She has many years of varied experiences, and the credentials necessary to do a good job. Then, one of her areas of expertise is writing resumes for guys like me. She had to teach me that you don’t go purchase a ream of fancy paper and start typing. Irma hand carried me through a frightening process, allowed for multiple questions, and multiple revisions.

She explains every process and the reasons for doing the resume a certain way that gets the most exposure. Her design work is so good, I could frame one and place it on the wall as art.

Irma knows how to say it a certain way and make me look like a million bucks. Yet, every word was true, and that goes to her integrity and work ethic. You are a life saver, Irma. I feel I am current and ready to take on the world!

Bassel Wagdy

Bassel Wagdy, Chicago Booth

Senior Financial Executive


This resume looks fantastic and I am so pleased with it! I could never have achieved this on my own. I want to thank you personally for all of the hard work and effort you put forth to help me with my resume.
I offer the highest recommendation for Resume Secrets Online


Sean Stubbs

Supply Chain & Operations Executive

I really struggled with finding the right person to summarize my career and future capability. When it came down to it, speaking with Irma, it seemed right and I felt as if she would uncover what needed to be put into a successful resume. I was right. I am very pleased with the result and feel that my new resume and profile correctly grabs the reader’s attention while grabbing 20+ years of professional life into 2 pages. Thank you, Irma. Great job!


Bob McGill

Managing Partner

Irma is highly knowledgeable in her field of resume writing and, at the same time, is capable of quickly understanding her clients’ needs. She is a delight to work with and understands her clients’ needs for creating a real highly marketable resume! I am glad to have found her and now I can recommend several business associates to her without a worry and at a reasonable cost. I highly recommended Irma.


Anthony Franchi Jr.

Executive Director


Irma worked on revising and updating my resume and LinkedIn profile. She was very thorough throughout the process. She was open to my suggestions and even went to check with another professional for their opinion. She met my time deadlines and I was happy with the final product. I would definitely use her services again and I highly recommend her.


Tim Silcox

Global Director of Logistics & Managed Markets

The resume writing services that Irma provides are professional and engaging. The process is straightforward and effective. Since using her services my LinkedIn profile exposure has increased exponentially – receiving more views than every before. The additional publicity and setting my resume apart is why I chose her services to begin with. I have not been disappointed, nor will you.


Mike Flurry

Vessel Operations Manager

I would like to recommend Irma Rojas to anyone that needs a resume created or updated. Recently Irma reworked my resume and created cover / thank you letters. I also am planning to have her improve my LinkedIn profile. My experience working with Irma was rewarding. She is professional and skillful at her craft.


Alan Munro


I am a CEO based in Australia who is interested in changing my career. I met with a former colleague who recommended I get a very professional resume and compelling LinkedIn profile. I was still running the company so really had no time to develop either but Irma was recommended to me by my colleague. I contacted Irma and despite distance and time zone differences, she worked fontastically on both. It was a very interactive process and her advice and guidance was outstanding. I now have a very good resume that has attracted some interesting opportunities for me and a LinkedIn profile that communicates my experience and background well. The whole experience was very good as it allowed me to continue to do what I do best while having someone else prepare me for the future. It was also very good value for money. I would recommend Irma to anyone going through the process I am going through.


Barbara Kulesza

Senior Branch Operations Administrator


Precise is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Irma. I’ve had the pleasure of working Irma. I was impressed with Irma’s ability to articulate key points incredibly well. Irma would be a true asset for any positions requiring excellent written communication and formatting skills and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.


Preston Burgess

Senior Enterprise Account Executive

Irma Rojas was a joy to work with. She is very professional and takes great pride in her work. I would say she is a perfectionist and that is why she has been so successful.

I would highly recommend Irma to any and everyone who is looking to have their resume done by a true and dedicated professional.

Thanks again Irma! You were and still are a joy to work with.

Samir Nassar

Samir Nassar

Senior Operations/Global Supply Chain Executive

I wanted to thank you for helping me re-position myself through a new resume that I desperately needed. Irma was fantastic in trying to get at my skills in order to highlight them on my resume and developed a documented that truly stands out. Irma is a true professional and I offer the highest recommendation for Resume Secrets Online.

Victoria Lewis

Victoria Lewis

Energy & Business Analyst Expert

With Irma’s help, my resume was highly effective, and it got me an interview for the position I was targeting! Irma’s patience, professionalism and dedication were outstanding and her turn-around time was impressive as I needed the resume within 24 hours. She went above and beyond the call of duty working on weekends and late evenings to complete my project!
I highly recommend her to anyone truly SERIOUS about attaining a new position or a new career because of her integrity, strong work ethic and willingness to stand behind her product!


Maha Abbey

Senior Engineering Leader

I highly recommend Irma for your resume. She has been very helpful, gathered the right information build the resume and delivered per the timeline requested. Very high level of professionalism and great quality. I was very happy with her services.

Jessie Butterfield, AINS

Jessie Butterfield, AINS

Senior Risk & Insurance Analyst

Irma is an extremely talented and creative with her the work she does. I was actually really skittish at first, with using an online resume professional to help me with my resume. After working with Irma, getting to know her work ethic, and how she got things done; I knew she was the right person for the job. When I started working with Irma in constructing my resume, I was at the point in my career to enter into Mid-Senior manager position, but I wasn’t landing any interviews. After stepping away from the job hunting and looking at the big picture, I knew my resume wasn’t getting the attention it needed. What I needed was something that would stand out from other applicants resumes. Irma did just that for me and within less than a month I was getting interviews and actually received an offer letter for a career/position I’ve been chasing after for more than a year. I would recommend Irma any day; she is wonderful, intelligent and a creative individual. Thank you Irma for the wonderful work you have done for me and I’ll certainly be in contact with you for any resumes update.

Perez Lovett

Perez Lovett

Residential Services Manager

Irma was a referral from another resume writer that was too busy to take on my project so I contacted Irma who was able to get my resume completed in such short notice. Within 24 hours Irma was fantastic in trying to get at my skills in order to highlight them on my resume and developed a superior resume. Not long after, I was offered (and accepted) my targeted position. I just wanted to thank Irma for her outstanding job she did on my resume. I offer the highest recommendation for Resume Secrets Online


Karen LaMonica

Creative Brand Strategist

My experience with Irma has been fantastic. She has captured and helped craft a professional, detailed representation of my career, goals, personal attributes, and expertise more than once along the course of my career that have impressed many interviewers, and ultimately landed jobs and contracts. I would recommend her services to anyone I know.


Allen Surratt

Major Account Executive

Irma was recommended to me by several recruiters so I decided to give her a call. I found that she is an expert in emphasizing all your strengths and capabilities as well as how these advantages best relate to my desired position to create my personal brand. In other words, she is the person to depend on if you want a standout resume that best caters to your prospective employers’ needs. If you want to get your resume noticed in a good way, Irma is your best bet.


Tara Moore

Account Sales Representative

Recently I had chosen to hire Irma for a a complete résumé overhaul as well as doing my LinkedIn Profile. One thing I can say after my experience of working with Irma and her team is that at I am truly and completely clear of my skills, what I have to offer and my honest to goodness “Brand”. Before choosing to hire her I had researched several other résumé writers and I am grateful to have found her. Irma spent the time that I needed and provided me the quality and personal attention that I was not expecting to get. She was timely, efficient and far exceeded my expectations in quality and service. I would and do recommend Irma to anyone in need of any résumé support!


Melissa McDonald-Press

Sales Account Executive

After, searching for work with no results, I finally decided to hire a professional resume writer. Irma was fantastic in arranging and highlighting my skills and experiences . Irma, accomplished a superior and far more extraordinary result than I could have ever hoped for.

It was so refreshing to work with Irma, and she made sure that I was completely satisfied with my resume. I am receiving calls on a daily/weekly bases, from various targeted positions! Irma, is a true professional and I have strongly recommended her services to several colleagues and friends who are looking to revise their resumes.
I offer the highest recommendation for Resume Secrets Online.

Glen Bosarge

Glen Bosarge

Production Manager

Irma devolved my resume and cover letter and far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her. She is a one stop shop for your resume, and advancing your career. If you have further questions about her work please feel free to ask.


Larry Braga

Talent Acquisition

Irma provided an excellent product as a resume writing expert. Her work was outstanding and I have had numerous employers during interviews ask me where I had the resume completed because it was very impressive. Irma worked with me to get my resume completed to my satisfaction and I am very pleased with the end product. I would recommend her to anyone needing the service. Very pleased!



Finance Sector

Irma provides valuable insight to how others see your resume. As she mentions on her website…if you are not willing to invest in yourself then….expect to be disappointed with you opportunities. “As Peter says INVEST in YOURSELF ..Irma


Jennifer Dotson

Director of Operations

After months of searching for work with no results, I finally decided to use a professional service. I was so pleased with the documents that Irma prepared. She demonstrated my background and my skills so much better than I could ever do myself. The company I was targeting and had an interview said, they had over 100 applicants and my resume stood out among all of them. Thanks to Irma I got the job!!


Brian Bules

KYC Officer JP Morgan Chase

I utilized Irma’s services to develop a resume that focused on a job market outside of the Defense Industry. Irma is an outstanding resume writer who will not only work with you and ensure that she delivers a quality product, but stands behind her work even after delivered. I highly recommend Irma to any and all seeking these types of services and I will be utilizing her services again in the future.


Darryl Hutchison

Sales Manager

I came across Irma’s services by chance when searching for resume writers on LinkedIn. I requested for Irma to get in touch with me as I required her skills and expertise in updating my CV. Despite us living on opposite ends of the world, she always made the time to be available to me throughout the process. Now that my CV is complete, I feel a lot more confident when approaching potential employers as well as head-hunters. Without having met me prior to this, Irma was able to encapsulate everything that I have done in my career and highlighted all my achievements which I had forgotten about. I have shown some colleagues and friends of mine my “professionally written CV” and they were all really impressed. If you are reading Irma’s recommendations, read no further, go ahead and pay for her services, you won’t be disappointed!!


You have considerable experience of leadership in various roles. You are currently in a C-Level position or targeting one. It is a one to one service that you require that produces outstanding
collateral for your job search.


You have 7-10 seconds to capture a hiring manager or an admission director’s interest. In today’s highly competitive job market, where the typical nationally advertised position opening will receive literally hundreds of responses, it takes an effective resume to get interviews.


In this competitive job market, you need a skillfully written resume demonstrating the depth of your expertise and talents that you bring to the table. We write for many fields from IT, marketing, HR, administration, banking, sales, teaching, legal, hospitality, healthcare and more.


We know that IT resumes require special attention and techniques, because of their highly detailed and technical terminology. We will produce a resume that links your technical accomplishments and sells your technical skills and abilities to business requirements.

Entry Level

Ultimately, the key to a successful job search will be largely determined by the power of your presentation. You ha’ve worked hard to earn your degree and now it is time to have your degree work for you.

Military Transition

Military Transition Resumes Our Military Transition Resume Services are designed for military professionals of all ranks and pay grades looking to transition to a new career in the civilian sector.